About Me

What are my origins, where do I come from?

Born from the city of Loule, Algarve, in Portugal, in 2007 may 17, I Guilherme Feria am 14 years. I come from a good family who lived by the sea with incentivized to be active and create a big passion for learning at an early age. I have always been a very logic-based person, this meant that I loved both math’s and science, especial physics and chemistry. Once I found out what programming was I started straight to make video games in the unity physics engine, and then slowly as I tried out new languages and paradigms I found out that web development was my favourite paradigm.

What made me want to start this business?

Ever since from an early age, I had always wanted freedom, more time to spend perusing my passions, more time invested into making something that I believed in. I used to watch a lot of stories from people who would make money from starting their own business and I thought that I could do the same, especially if I start from a young age when I still have time to make foolish mistakes, that would in the future cost me a lot of time.


Why should you work with me?

If I haven’t yet made you trust me I will give you lots of point in why you should trust me, first of all, working as a one-man team is made easier when you have happy clients, this is achieved by giving the client the best and the smoothest experience possible. I am not anonymous, most times when people aren’t anonymous and are fully transparent it means that they can be trusted as if they are bad and offer bad service, that service will ruin their reputation. I have made a contact me form, this means that I am ready to reply to any inquiries that you, the customer might have. And finally, there isn’t a business that will succeed in the long run if it decides to treat its customers badly.

Guilherme Féria

What are other passions I have?

As I have mentioned previously, I live by the sea, this made it so that I would travel to the beach a lot, this forced me to think up and learn new thing to do while at the beach, one of them is surfing, my big hobby, and my passion, the feeling of riding a wave is surreal. But another form of entertainment that I also got into was puzzle solving! I would buy big kits each with its twist, and way of solving them, and would spend countless hour enjoying myself as I worked out my brain. One problem I did find was that there was a lack of brain teaser-oriented websites, or if there was a website it would probably be overly expensive, that was what made me want to start this business.