The Lucky Eight

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Choose one of the six different options of puzzles bundle kits, each with its own twist.

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The Lucky Eight

Choose one of the six different options of puzzles bundle kits, each with its own twist. Each puzzle bundle comes with 8 puzzles to solve, this is a good beginner-friendly kit as it exposes the person to 8 different puzzles each with their unique way of solving them. This is a perfect gift for somebody in your life that love to be challenged and love to learn a new and exciting thing. This puzzle bundle increases critical thinking, problem solving and patience. With their small form factor, they are a perfect fidget toy to bring with you on the go.

19 reviews for The Lucky Eight

  1. Ava o’conner

    The order came quickly. Made with high quality. Matches the description.

  2. David Adam

    Good quality, heavy metal.

  3. Jamie Barnard

    cool stuff, nice quality and fast delivery

  4. Jamison Gayla


  5. Haven Eben

    My 8-year-old daughter loves the puzzle a little hard to solve, but she finally got there

  6. Bradford Merlyn

    Just like in the photo and the product description!

  7. Sofia Smith

    Really good quality. Small enough to be a pretty gift but big enough to be playable.

  8. Penelope Lark

    I really liked the build quality, especially good for children.

  9. Daniel Smith

    Delivery is Short and the puzzles have an amazing build quality!

  10. Miles Terence

    Just like the description

  11. Zac Cox

    Funny, thanks! 🙂

  12. Julian Constant

    It is a gift for the granddaughter, she will be happy. it arrived on time!

  13. Madlyn Ashton

    Loved the puzzle, very fun and interesting to work with!

  14. Vandra Vincint

    super fast delivery

  15. Sofia Ferdinad

    Small but fun and strong!

  16. Maria Rodriguez

    Excellent Build Quality, I liked it overall!

  17. James Smith

    Description as the images. came very fast.

  18. John Tomas

    I have been surprised by very good quality for the price, the metal is robust, it does not bend easily, very well

  19. Kian


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